Some help & advice when buying and owning a new puppy


The welfare of our puppies & their care is important to us

Affording to purchase a puppy is one thing but the ongoing welfare, financial commitment and dedication are the most important responsibilities some people overlook.

Please consider that puppies require your time and effort, they need lots of care in the early months, they need lots of love and no time is more important than their first year as they become a part of your family.

The time and effort you put into your puppy, training and teaching them will be the foundations to the kind of dog your puppy will become. Like children, puppies need to learn boundaries and all families are different, but your puppy needs socialising and this takes a lot of time and effort which needs to be taken into consideration.

Important Questions

Are you financially stable?

Do you have the time?

Can you train your puppy?

Have you discussed it with your family?

Do you have other animals?

Can you exercise your puppy?

How to prepare for your puppy


  • A bed
  • Water & food bowl
  • Blankets
  • Harness & lead
  • Puppy pads & poo bags
  • Car restraint/cage
  • Grooming brush
  • Toothbrush


  • Consider baby gates
  • Secure your garden
  • Prepare a place to eat & drink
  • Give your puppies bed a home
  • Puppy safe your home
  • Plan walking times


  • Visit your vet for a check-up
  • Book further vaccinations
  • Pet insurance
  • Microchip registration check
  • Puppy training options
  • Research your breed
  • Research diet/food options
  • Local dog walking groups

About British Bulldogs

  • Are Bulldogs aggressive?

    Bulldogs are great guard dogs and can be protective against unfamiliar dogs.
  • Are Bulldogs good family dogs?

    Bulldogs are very caring, loving dogs that seek human attention, they are good with children.
  • Are Bulldogs lazy?

    All too often a great misconception, Bullies are far from lazy although owners will often confess, you either get a lazy one or an active one. It's believed this depends on your dogs upbringing.
  • Do Bulldogs need a lot of space?

    Bulldogs aren't typically high energy dogs and are as happy in an apartment/flat as they would be in a house.
  • Do Bulldogs need much exercise?

    Although Bulldogs require just 20-40 minutes exercise a day it's always recommended as much exercise as possible for you and your dog.
  • Does the Bulldog require special care?

    Like any dog with wrinkles it's recommended to wipe them once a day to ensure they remain free from dirt, apart from the usual there's nothing more they need other than the love they deserve.
  • Do Bulldogs snore?

    Believe us when we tell you, oh yes they freight trains, you'll love them for it!
  • Do Bulldogs have breathing problems?

    Despite common rumour the breathing problems were actually due to poor breeding, today's Bulldogs rarely have problems due to better breeding practices.